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Cruising Independence
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More San Blas Pictures!

Kuna Restaurant

Molas for Sale!

A Panga full of Day Trippers

Ula Anchor

Pristine Island complete with hammock

Welcome to Norrodub Island

Tropical Beach Bar on BBQ Island

New Coconut Palms

Unfortunately, plastic everywhere with no way to deal with it!

Chrissy on a huge Nylon pipe in the middle of nowhere


Hammocks for overnight accomodations

Supply boats from Columbia

Cleaning Octopus for dinner

Columbian Traders open shop

Kuna Revolutionary Flag

Inside the Congresso (Meeting House)

Kuna Store front

Kuna Church

Bringing home coconuts

New Panga construction

Kuna Village with solar panel

New Ula, carved from a tree trunk

Selling coconuts and fish from a ula

The class who received donated school supplies

Independence anchored in the bay from the top of the mountain (VERY muddy and sweaty hike!!)

Christy and a new friend

Kuna village

Chillin onboard

Chrissy's foredeck barber shop

Anchored off a village

Chrissy's fan club

Selecting a movie to watch

Crusing back to Colon

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