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Cruising Independence
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1/9/19 Arrival in Saint Augustine Florida

We set off with the tide for the 3 day, 400 mile journey to Saint Augustine knowing the engine and fuel tanks were in the best shape ever. We began sailing in light winds and had to reef late in the afternoon when the wind finally picked up. Unfortunately, the stronger winds were the dying gasps of moving front and a high moved in with no wind.

The final day and a half we spent under power, with the engine purring. Night watches were spent dodging ship traffic and unlit Navy towers that dotted the coastline. Candy felt she was in a massive video game as she steered with the autopilot buttons weaving between targets on the AIS and radar screens.

We timed our arrival with the sunrise and the slack tide and were assigned a great mooring right off the Bridge of Lions and beautiful Saint Augustine. The boat was salt encrusted but arrived clean and organized inside. We made breakfast and cracked open a celebratory beer! After a short nap were picked up by Rick’s sister Tish and whisked off to hot showers and professional chef level dinner. A GREAT welcome to Saint Augustine!!

Very comfortable in the pilot house

We met some new friends playing in the bow wave

Windvane steering the boat makes it easy!

Open ocean ahead

Interesting characters in St. Augustine!

Seagull covered trawler (with no AIS)

Nights of Light from the boat

Peaceful harbor at sunset

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Jan 29, 2019

I'm glad your grand trip is finally under way. The recent pictures remind me of days past in my 20's when I traveled the world partly by tramp steamer from Egypt to the Far East.


Jan 14, 2019

Never thought I would see so many pictures of engine:)

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