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Cruising Independence
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1/25/19 Update from Saint Augustine

Since we got such a late start due to engine and fuel tank escapades, we have decided to "winter" in Saint Augustine, completing the many get ready projects and depart for the San Blas Islands, Panama Canal and South Pacific in late May / June. Rushing through the San Blas Islands would be a mistake!

There have been some recent security and safety issues in the San Blas / Panama area and we have also decided to upgrade some security on the boat - Stainless Steel (SS) companion way and hatch bars are now being designed, plus an alarm system, a SS dinghy engine lock and SS chain on the dinghy. We also are installing mosquito netting & screens on all the hatches, dorades and companionway to combat potential airborne malaria carriers.

This weekend a family wedding in Orlando is in the schedule. It will be great to catch up with the extended family we haven't see in a while - plus a side trip to Disney with crew-mates Chrissy & Rick K to see Avatar!

After that, plans include Candy heading home for tax season while Rick continues with boat projects and "must do's" for a few weeks. He will then leave the boat in Saint Augustine to assist in busy springtime projects in the marinas in Norwalk.

Congrats Natalie and Kevin Delfosse!!

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